New Novel - Deep Night

Leah Kolbe has taken over her father's notorious antiquities business in Hong Kong after he died mysteriously. Now the Japanese have occupied most of mainland China and threaten the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. When the Japanese launch a surprise attack, Leah's fiancé, Jonathan Hawatyne, becomes a prisoner of war. Escaping internment by the Japanese, Leah makes it to Macau, arriving destitute—everything stolen, including her shoes.


She finds a job at the British consulate and is accepted into local Portuguese society. When asked, Leah agrees to become a British spy and to take a Japanese armaments manufacturer as a lover, putting her life in constant peril. The information he reveals is invaluable to the embattled Chinese and the American Air Force in Chungking.


Leah longs for the end of the war and the end of her moral compromises. She hopes against hope that Jonathan will be among the survivors of the brutal regime the Japanese established in Hong Kong. But when the war is over, Leah discovers the world of peace is a complicated place to navigate.


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ISBN: 9781569475300
Soho Press

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